The web is constantly changing.

We are helping you track these changes

The web is not static: things change. Continuously, relentlessly. For better or worse, some of these changes are important to you:

Job opportunities, deals and price changes, events, news, releases, stocks, competitors, regulations and thousand of other changes you are stressed to miss.

Website owners also find it very difficult to inform past visitors that their sites have changed. We are working on a solution to make it easier for their visitors to stay in touch.

Stay tuned : - )

What we’ve done so far

  • 300,000,000+ Screenshots taken
  • 40,000,000+ Differences detected
  • 800,000+ Emails/Month


  • Serge Salager


    Worked at OneMove Technologies, Inventages Venture Capital and P&G
  • Sam Vincent


    Worked at RewardLoop,
    Metalab and Versapay
  • Christian Merkel


    Worked at Namics, now Frontify,
    Developed Visualping
  • Max Shawabkeh


    Worked at Google, now Riot Games,
    Developed Page Monitor app
  • Roger Dudler


    Worked at Namics, now Frontify,
    Developed Visualping
  • Jason Lu

    Business Development

    Worked at Apple
    and Handy
  • Navin Schaduangrat

    Business Development

    Worked at KPMG
    and IDC
  • Igor Barbashin

    Front end Developer

    Worked at Suitcase interactive
    and now at Layer 7
  • Aleksei Belash

    Front end Developer

    at Foldable Studio
  • Louis Perrin

    Finance and Operations

    Worked at EY
  • Carole Salles

    Customer Care

    Worked at KUL
  • You

    Our customers

    Thank you for your support!